Support Groups

Our Support Groups are facilitated by Certified Missouri Peer Specialists or those with lived recovery experience who have completed specific program trainings and our own facilitator continuing education.  All support groups are free.  Some groups, such as Moving Forward from Trauma or Anger Management are open only to those working through these issues, while others, such as Procovery, are open to all.

One‐on‐One Services

Certified Missouri Peer Specialists provide one‐on‐one sessions that are geared toward helping individuals to move forward.  Services may include wellness planning, benefits planning, development of a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or other supports.  One‐on‐one services are free.

Social Opportunities

We provide numerous social activities each year that are designed to bring individuals together.  Events may be held at the Center or within the community.  Examples include luncheons, holiday celebrations, day trips to local facilities, or overnight outings to consumer conferences.  Numerous social activities are free; however, some may have a fee attached.  Examples include luncheons held at the Center, attendance at Cardinal ballgames, or attendance at Real Voices Real Choices consumer conference.  Those who cannot afford such fees are encouraged to request a scholarship through our Helping Hands Scholarship program, where individuals exchange volunteer services to help offset the cost of attendance.

Suicide Prevention Education

We provide free suicide prevention education to community groups throughout the greater St. Louis region utilizing the Question, Persuade, Refer method (QPR).  Facilitators have been trained by the QPR Institute to provide this service.  This 1–2 hour training is insightful and helps individuals to be better prepared to help someone who may be suffering from suicidal ideation.

Community Speakers

We provide speakers for your organization or business, based on your specific need.  Presentations may include presenters from our NAMI In Our Own Voice speakers to stigma reduction or how to best work with individuals with a diagnosis or symptoms.  These sessions are geared toward your need, including time allotment.

Community Support Groups

We provide support groups at your location, working with you and your population to develop leaders who we train to provide a variety of support options.  We can also provide facilitators as volunteers become available.  Such services are free; however, you may have cost associated with travel or material preparation.