Getting Here

As a suburban facility the majority of those who visit arrive by car.  There are many other options, of which we have listed some below:

  • Auto
    • Drive yourself, or
    • Drop off by family, friends, or caseworkers
  • Metro Bus — Nearest stop at Heege and Mackenzie Road (9/10 mile)
    • Carry your bike on the bus and ride from stop to Center,
    • Walk, or
    • Call 24 hours in advance and a volunteer will pick you up
  • Metrolink — Nearest stop is Shrewsbury
    • Call 24 hours in advance and a volunteer will pick you up
  • Metro Call‐A‐Ride ADA Service
    • Door‐to‐door ride
    • $4 each way
    • Call Metro at 314.982.1510 to schedule

If you need assistance with determining your best option please call us at 314.200.HELP.


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You will have to get to Langley Avenue via New Hampshire Avenue.

The Sign for Center St. Louis

Langley Avenue may not have a street sign, but you can identify it by this sign for Center St. Louis (this not us).

Turn onto Langley Avenue, then continue right onto Crest Industrial Drive.  Our building has multiple tenants; make sure you enter the door marked by the arrow below:

The entrance to our building

Please sign in at the front desk.  The meeting room is the large room behind the double glass doors.  If you want a tour, look for Nancy Bollinger — her office is next to the meeting room, but she could be anywhere.